Adult Asthma Action Plan
Name and date:

Ruth Baker, Aug 2022

Your written asthma action plan can help you stay on top of your asthma.

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My asthma review

I should have at least one routine asthma review every year. I will bring:

My Asthma Triggers

Taking my asthma medicine every day will help reduce my reaction to these triggers. Avoiding them where possible will also help.

I have no known asthma triggers or allergies. My asthma can be worse in hot weather or if I'm unwell.

My Medicines

Medicines and devices I use for my asthma:

Fostair NEXThaler preventer and MART inhaler. This is my main inhaler, I will sometimes carry it on it's own in my bag or pocket.
White plastic cylinder with a red twist base. The label is red and dosage is green.
Otherwise, I keep my inhalers in a yellow case.
Yellow zip-up case, contains my inhalers and spacer.
Another reliever inhaler I can use if needed is Ventolin Evohaler pMDI 100μg, blue.
Blue plastic 'J' shaped pipe, with an aluminium canister inserted in the top. The mouthpiece has a dark blue cap.
My spacers are AeroChamber Plus spacer (more portable, carried in the yellow case)...
Clear plastic cylinder with blue plastic ends
... or GSK Volumatic Spacer Device (larger volume and comes in two stackable pieces that lock together, I typically keep this at home).
Clear plastic cylinder that can be stacked for storage
I have a Medi Peak-flow meter to help monitor my lung health over time.
White plastic device with a grey mouthpiece and a slider
1. Everyday asthma care

My asthma is being managed well:

My daily asthma routine:

My preventer inhaler

Fostair NEXThaler (pink/white)

I need to take my preventer inhaler every day even when I feel well.

I take 1 puff(s) in the morning and 1 puff(s) at night.

My reliever inhaler

Fostair NEXThaler (pink/white)

I take my reliever inhaler only if I need to

I take 1 puff(s) of my reliever inhaler if any of these things happen:

2. When I feel worse

My asthma is getting worse if I’m experiencing any of these

⚠️ If you need your reliever inhaler more than every four hours, you need to take emergency action now. See section 3.

What I can do to get on top of my asthma now

If I haven’t been using my preventer inhaler, I’ll start using it regularly again or if I have been using it:

⚠️ See a doctor or nurse within 24 hours if you get worse at any time or you haven’t improved after seven days.

When I feel worse

Other advice from my GP about what to do if my asthma is worse:

Maintenance and Reliever Therapy (MART) advice for use with Fostair NEXThaler 🔗

  • I can use my maintenance inhaler as a reliever when I get symptoms, and should carry it with me.
3. In an asthma attack

I’m having an asthma attack if I’m experiencing any of these

What to do in an asthma attack

  1. Sit up straight - try to keep calm.
  2. Take a maximum of 6 puffs in one episode
  3. If you feel worse at any point OR you don’t feel better after 6 puffs call 999 or 112 for an ambulance.
  4. If the ambulance has not arrived after 10 minutes and your symptoms are not improving, you can use your blue Ventolin inhaler.
  5. Take one puff of your blue reliever inhaler every 30-60 seconds up to 10 puffs.
  6. If your symptoms are no better after repeating step 5, and the ambulance has still not arrived, contact 999 or 112 again immediately.

Other advice from my GP about what to do if my asthma is worse:

After an asthma attack

❗ If you dealt with your asthma attack at work, inform HR to report the incident, so that triggers can be monitored in the workplace.